Why a Boston Terrier?

Many people ask why I chose to get a Boston Terrier, and the answer is simple. All Boston Terrier’s I have had the pleasure of meeting were spunky, fun, cuddly and to put it in one word: Amazing.

But… what those with Bostons didn’t tell me was about the snoring and farting. I learned of these, say… “gifts” while researching the breed. The moment I picked Gus up from the breeder at 8 weeks I thought to myself “Sure, they fart and snore but he WILL be the exception.” I was wrong. Not only does Gus snore, he has forced my boyfriend to sleep in our second bedroom on more than one occasion. Not only does he fart, he can completely clear out a conference room, or even worse – give those on the bus with us no option but to sit in the stink.

Sadly, I’ve become immune to it and even crazy enough to want another. What do you think? He sure is cute….


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