P.L.A.Y. Dog Bed = Heaven

Gus recently received a new bed from his BFF Squish in San Francisco and boy – was he in for a treat! Gus got the Kalahari Lounge Bed and the moment I took it out of the box, he jumped in for a snooze.


What I love about this bed:

  • The fun, but modern print
  • It looks like a piece of furniture, NOT a dog bed
  • The plushness
  • There is a nice edge where Gus can prop his head up on for maximum snoring
  • It’s GREEN! Made from recycled material.

Why P.L.A.Y. thinks you should give it a try:

The Kalahari lounge bed features a fun giraffe print and lets your dog or cat remember that they are card-carrying members of the wild kingdom too. Elevated sides are the ideal resting place for your pup’s head and create the ultimate pooch retreat. Inner cushion and exterior can be flipped, allowing you to enjoy 4 different looks in one bed!

  • Ultra-soft velvet material with custom-made P.L.A.Y. zipper
  • Furniture-grade craftsmanship and even-basting stitching ensures dog-years of use
  • Filled with the perfect amount and density of high-loft PlanetFill® filler
  • Eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly

Want to try one out for yourself? Use promo code REACCH11 for 20% off your entire order. The Snuggle Bed is next on our list!