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I began dog sitting in October of 2012 and have loved every minute of it. allows dog owners to find local, loving dog sitters as an alternative to kennel boarding, and you have the opportunity open your home to some amazing dogs!

Since summer is here, Rover is in need of dog sitters nationwide. Summer is also the best time to join because of the high demand for dog sitters since so many families travel.

You can choose to dog sit full time or part time. I’ve paid for two European vacations with my earnings, and SO CAN YOU!

Benefits of dog-sitting on

  • Set your own price per night
  • Choose what services you want to offer
  • Be selective with size of dogs you want to host
  • Manage your own schedule
  • FREE business cards to hand out to friends, family and neighbors (ask me how!)
  • Free tools to promote your business
  • Cute dogs!

I am working hard to recruit some amazing, kind, compassionate and responsible dog sitters. If you are interested or have any questions, please submit it through the box below, I am happy to help get you started!

P.S. I work for Rover and am a super active sitter, so bring on the questions!

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Valentines Day Gifts For Your Dog

I’ve always loved Etsy, but lately… I’ve become obsessed. So obsessed that it took me over two months to pick something to purchase with my $25 gift certificate because it had to be the RIGHT thing. In case you are wondering, I ended up with this.

Since I consider Gus my ‘fur child’ I put together a list of my 5 most favorite Valentines day gifts from Etsy. All of these dog themed gifts also happen to be VERY reasonable priced. Happy browsing!

Pick #1: Adorable blue bow tie with tiny hearts ($7.50). I absolutely love this. It’s not red or pink, so it could be worn at any party or just because!

Pick #2: Love Bug Heart Hat ($10). Does this need an explanation of why it is so cute? Didn’t think so!

Pick #3: Twinkle Hearts Dog Collar ($16.00) You are sure to get compliments if your pup sports this. Etsy has some AMAZING dog collars, and I refuse to buy them anywhere else.

Pick #4: Pumpkin Heart Shaped Dog Cookies ($10). I’m not going to lie… these look like something I’d buy for myself! I’m a big fan of fancy cookies for special occasions for Gus. His birthday is coming up and fancy cookies are surely on the list!

Pick #5: Heart ID Tag ($7.50) This tag is simple, cute and customizable to your dog’s name and phone number. Almost the same price as those you can get at major pet retailers – but 10 times cuter!