When Lauren’s away the DropCam catches Squish…Play?!

Ever since I discovered a live stream of puppies, I have been hooked on webcams. I now use them to check weather abroad, take a mental vacation by checking in on a beach on Maui or take a virtual visit to the Rover office via the RoverCam when I am working from home.

What’s even better than puppies, maui or Rover? SQUISH CAM. Squish is one of the funniest dogs I have had the pleasure of meeting. Lauren (Squish’s mom) recently put up a DropCam in their living room and what she’s caught has been priceless. Although Squish sleeps most of the day with his big brother Brando, these fine moments are some of the highlights of his time away from mom.

The 3A.M. poop: a nice gift to leave mom and dad to find right when they wake up.

The Frenchie pop-up:
The most ridiculous tongue jiggle you will ever see:
Watching Squish has made me consider getting a DropCam – you never know what you’ll witness!

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