How to Avoid an Ear Infection

Gus is prone to ear infections. They first started after our camping trip last Labor Day weekend when we were down on the beach in Oregon. We came back and his left ear had mucus and an odor which prompted me to take him to the vet. I like to keep Gus active so we regularly attend BT meetups and a lot of the meetups take place in sandy areas or large, loose dirt enclosed fields which make keeping his ears clean a challenge. Now, after we come back from Boston Terrier Meetups, I usually give Gus a bath to clean him up and look presentable again!

It is commonly known that you want to avoid getting water down your dogs ears when giving them a bath. For a dog with such large ears that stand up straight, that is not an easy task. One day, a brilliant idea hit me and I’ve used this ever since: cotton balls! I wedge one cotton ball gently into each of Gus’ ears which prevents water from rolling into them. Once the bath is over, simply pull the cotton swab out and toss. Sometimes, if a little water makes the cotton swab damp, I use it to wipe any dirt out of his ears then follow up with his prescription ear cleaner. A simple trick which makes routine pet care that much easier.


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